AIEEE 2013

AIEEE 2013 is the popular and favorite examination in India. AIEEE is not a tough exam; it needs little bit of brain use. This exam varies some multiple-choice question and students can solve the question to use their brain. It not only students brain use, it also varied their knowledge, time maintain and management skill.

The AIEEE programmed is held every year for entrance into different undergraduate engineering and architecture courses in special institutes across the nation. AIEEE 2013 Test exam is usually happening in April and results out in May.

Students have much time to prepare for AIEEE 2013 examination. So any student can prepare and this book may be little bit help them. This book’s quick review helps students to manage their studied plan and make their preparation plan to successful AIEEE 2013 examination.

Preparation process of AIEEE 2013

After IIT and JEE the next vital and competitive engineering entrance exam is AIEEE. This exam is very important because through this exam students can join into India’s famous institute like IIITs, NITs and other famous institutes. To get entrance of these institutes, students’ need good preparation and they do need hard work. If any student prepare for JEE, in the same way he also ready for AIEEE 2013 exam. Nevertheless, no one can totally cover these two subjects together because there are lots of different in question paper, pattern and preparation style of JEE and AIEEE. CBSE course is very nearest of AIEEE, but students will require different move to success AIEEE 2013.

Make a time-table

For AIEEE 2013 exam, now lots of time in student hand to ready. If anyone wants to good preparation, they must to do a timetable. Students have sufficient time to make the schedule. The exam paper consist 3 part- Chemistry, Physic, and Mathematics. So divide your time and subject to prepare for AIEEE 2013. Anyone can divide his or her time and subject this way like- 2 days for each subject and 1 day for amendment. After 15 or 20 days, you can attempt a test. So students immediately make your own schedule and try to cover the total syllabus and you have so much time for this.

Stay tuned with these book

AIEEE 2013 is the nearest subject of CBSE. For a good preparation of these tow exam you can follow some good books like: NCERT Chemistry XI & XII, Arihant Prakashan Organic Chemistry, O.P. Agarwal IIT Chemistry, Bahal & Bahal – Organic Chemistry, Sienko & Plane – Chemistry Principles & Applications for Chemistry. For Physic, you can follow these books like  H.C. Verma Concepts of Physics Vol I and II; Sears and Zemansky University Physics, Nelkon and Parker Advanced Level Physics, and S.S Krotov – Aptitude Test Problems in Physics. For maths, you can follow these books like R. S. Agarwal Maths XI & XII, S.L. Loni Co-ordinate Geometry, Hall & Knight Higher Algebra, I.A. Maron Problems in Calculus of One Variable Recommended, Krechmar Math’s. These books can give you a good benefit for AIEEE 2013 exam.

Feel your strong and weak point

You have need awareness to your strong and weak point of any subject. At first, feel yours strong and weak point, and then try to effort of weak subject. You need to hard work to make your subject or topic easy and comfortable. If you strong in physic so attempt more question and then you will more strong in this subject, then it will be easier to you. If you follow this suggestion, AIEEE 2013 exam may be more easy and comfortable.

You need to practice, practice and more practice

If you want to admit India’s famous and prestigious institution, then you have to rank close in AIEEE exam. For a best rank you need to good practice because AIEEE is huge numerical based exam which has some different of CBSE and other subject. For better result, you need to know the theory part of this course and as well need to know how to apply because it is very crucial. So practice and practice some question paper to make it easy. In addition, you can follow the question of previous years and practice this question, which will help you more for AIEEE 2013 exam.

Go for regular mock test

At the previous stage of AIEEE exam, you need mock test. At least one month before of the exam go for the regular mock test. For mock test, you can collect previous ten-year questions and practice them in a limited time. If you want best result then you have to attempt the question paper in-home, sitting in a desk like a real exam. In addition, you try to maintain the time and try to make a big score. This is the idea to ready for your exam. If you do this regularly then you can feel the improvement of your skill and speed. If you follow this suggestion, I am sure that you will do a good score in AIEEE 2013 exam. So, good luck for your exam.

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